Jordan Peterson Points Out Why You Don’t Live Up to Your Potential Using Ancient Wisdom

Video Courtesy of Geordi P Corgione & Jordan Peterson

I’m not religious but ancient religious texts have endured through the ages for a reason and that reason is that they expose universal truths about life and human nature through myth and allegory.

This short excerpt from a lecture by Jordan Peterson is deeply profound and just might crush your ego but it might also empower you to rise to your true potential.


and they heard the voice of the Lord God
walking in the garden in the cool of the
day and Adam and his wife hid themselves
from the presence of the Lord God
amongst the trees of the garden that’s
interesting so what’s the implication
prior to being woken up prior to
recognizing nakedness and vulnerability
there is no reason for God for man and
woman to hide from God now are they
hiding from God while they’re naked
they’re vulnerable
okay so think about this think about
this it’s like imagine that you have the
capacity to live truthfully and
courageously and forthrightly just
imagine that and then imagine why you
might not do that and then imagine how
about fear and shame how would that work
well let’s say that the idea of living
and truthfully and courageously is
analogous given what we already know
about these stories to walking with God
in the garden what stops people from
doing that what stops people from hiding
well it’s their own way it’s a
recognition of their own inadequacy they
look at themselves and they think how in
the world is a creature since his I
supposed to live properly in this world
with everything that’s wrong with me and
so what do you hide from well you you go
home you sit on your bed for five
minutes and ask yourself what have you
hidden from in your life man you’ll have
books of knowledge reveal themselves to
you in your imagination right say well
why are you hiding
well it’s no bloody wonder you’re hiding
it’s no wonder that people hide that’s
the thing that’s so terrifying about
this story we woke up and we thought oh
my god look at this place like this is
seriously there’s some serious trouble
here and we’re in some serious trouble
and we’re not what we could be and so we
hide and that’s what the story says
people woke up they became
they recognized their own vulnerability
and that made the made them hide from
manifesting their divine destiny it’s
like yeah that’s exactly right and the
Lord God I love this part of the story
and it’s so funny and the Lord God
called and we could use a little humor
at this point and the Lord God called
unto Adam and said unto Him where art
thou and Adam said I heard thy voice in
the garden and I after I was afraid
because I was naked so in case there was
any doubt about that that’s why
and I hit myself and God said who told
you that you were naked
did you eat of the tree where have I
commanded you that you should not eat
and this is where Adam shows himself in
all his post-fall heroic glory and the
man said the woman whom thou gave us to
be with me she gave me of the tree and I
did eat so that’s a herd man that said
that it’s so you know again there’s a
modern feminist interpretation of the
story of Adam and Eve that makes the
claim that Eve was portrayed as the
universal bad guy of humanity for
disobeying God and eating the Apple it’s
like fair enough
no looks like she slipped up and then
she tempted her husband and you know
that makes her even worse although he’s
was foolish enough to immediately eat so
it just means she was a little more
courageous than him then got there first
but it’s Adam who comes across as really
one sad creature in this story as far as
I’m concerned nobody manages in one
sentence it’s like first of all it
wasn’t him it was the woman and second
even blames God more than just the woman
it was it was that woman and you gave
her to me then she gave me of the tree
and I did eat it’s like so hey Adams all
innocent except now he’s not only is he
naked and disobedient and cowardly and
he’s also snively backbiting think he
wraps her out like the sick and he gets
the opportunity and then he blames God
it’s like and that’s exactly right
that’s exactly right man you go online
and you read you read the commentary
that men write about women when they’re
resentful and bitter about women you
read it it’s so interesting it’s like
it’s not me it’s those bitches okay
that’s right it’s not me it’s them and
not only that what a bloody world this
is in which they exist it’s exactly the
same thing it’s exactly the same thing
and it is absolutely pathetic.

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