The Last Damn Diet Article You’ll Ever Have to Read

Enough of the bullshit! Diet isn’t complicated, marketers complicate it to sell you the latest repackaged fad diet.

Below is all you need to meet your physique, health, and performance goals. So you can stop wasting time obsessing and not seeing results for all your obsession and self-torture.

This post will show you three diets:

  • One for getting very lean, very quickly
  • One for body recomposition
  • One for lean bulking

To qualify real quick here, I’ve been a trainer for 18 years and have seen over 4,000 individual clients throughout that time. I’m not a celebrity dip shit hocking supplements and workout dvd’s. I’m a professional who knows what works in the real world for real people with real lives.

I write this knowing that the vast majority of you will ignore it, continue to chase fad diets and never reach your health and fitness goals. But for the 1% who won’t ignore what I’m about to teach you and actually do the work and implement consistently… your welcome.

Diet #1: Rapid Fat Loss

This is how to drop an average of 3 pounds a week depending on how much fat you have to lose without feeling hungry or tired. In fact, once you make the transition into this diet for about 14 days you’ll have more energy and mental focus than you ever thought possible.

Fat loss is principles:

  • eat in a caloric deficit
  • keep blood sugar and insulin low
  • teach your body to burn fat as a primary fuel source
  • fats and protein from animal sources are the basis of your diet.

The Diet Template:

  • Skip breakfast and drink black coffee or tea with no creamer or sugar.
  • eat steak and/or eggs and veggies for lunch
  • eat steak and/or eggs and veggies for dinner
  • only drink water with added sea salt or added electrolytes

Caloric intake:

Eat in a 500 calorie per day deficit. or take your desired body weight and multiply it by 12 and you’ll be in the ballpark.

Macronutrient break down:

  • Fat: 70%
  • Protein 30%
  • Carbs: negligible amount of net carbs from leafy greens, typically 10-20 grams.

Why it works:

  • High fat and protein content is more satiating making it far easier to eat in a deep caloric deficit without feeling hungry or negatively impacting energy and cognition.
  • High protein intake preserves muscle mass while eating in a caloric deficit
  • in the absence of carbs and glucose your body will enter ketosis-where your liver will begin to use stored body fat to convert to ketone bodies for use as energy at an accelerated rate.
  • Fasting from dinner time the previous day until lunch the next day will increase the time your fasting allowing your body to tap into fat stores more efficiently.

That’s it, that’s the most effective way to get lean and feel amazing in record time. In fact, so many people love the way they look and feel on this diet that they make it a long term lifestyle by adding back in the occasional cheat meal with carbohydrates every once in a while once they’ve reached their goal weight.

Diet #2 Body Recomposition (Default long term lifestyle diet)

If you want to burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time or just have a long term sustainable diet thats guaranteed to make you sexier over time than this is what you want.

Body Recomposition Principles:

  • Eat at maintenance calories or a small caloric deficit
  • use a 16/8 fasting/ feeding schedule
  • fat and protein from animal sources is the basis of your diet
  • eat a small amount of carbs at dinner time only.

Diet Template:

  • skip breakfast and drink black coffee or tea without cream or sugar
  • eat red meat and/or eggs and veggies for lunch
  • eat lean meat, fish or poultry and starchy carbs and veggies for dinner.

Caloric intake:

Maintain your weight and recomp gradually by eating at maintenance levels, if your sedentary multiply your current weight by 12, if your active multiply it by 15.

You can also eat a small caloric deficit if your more concerned about getting leaner and staying lean. Just drop 200-300 off your maintenance calories.

Macronutrient Breakdown:

  • Fat 50-60%
  • Protein 25-30%
  • Carbs 10-20% usually between 50-100 grams a day. 50 for moderately active men, and 100 for very active men.

Why it Works:

  • Eating at a caloric maintenance level ensures you have what you need to build muscle but the eating template will ensure you burn fat easily.
  • fasting in the morning hours will increase fat burning.
  • eating only protein and fat at lunch will give you energy and recovery from workouts without spiking blood sugar and insulin further allowing you to use fat as a primary fuel source.
  • Positioning a small number of carbs at the end of the day allows for recovery from strength training and aids in sleep without chronically elevated blood sugar and insulin.

Diet #3: Lean Bulking (build lean muscle without getting fat.)

You can do the “see food” diet and bulk up fast, then have to take extreme measures to lose all the excess fat later and lose all the muscle you built in the process like a jack ass or you can do it right in the first place and lean bulk. Here’s how…

Principles of Lean Bulking:

  • Eat in small caloric surplus. 300-500 calories a day
  • use a 16/8 eating template
  • position your carbohydrates around your workout
  • animal protein and fat is the basis of your meals
  • higher carb intake, typically around 25% of your total calories or between 150-200 a day.

Diet Template:

  • Skip breakfast, drink black coffee or tea
  • eat red meat with starchy carbs for lunch
  • eat red meat with starchy carbs for dinner

Diet Macronutrient Profile:

  • 50% fat
  • 25% protein
  • 25% carbs

Caloric intake:

Multiply your current weight, multiply it by 15 then add 300-500 calories.

Why it Works:

  • Your eating in a caloric surplus
  • Your eating plenty of carbs to fuel and recover from higher volume weight training sessions
  • your eating plenty of fat to optimize testosterone
  • your eating plenty of protein for muscle building


That’s it, the only 3 diets you’ll need for the rest of your life, I doubt you’ll be smart enough to actually use them but I can’t say I give a shit either.

For those rare men who have the brains and balls to actually take action, I hope this helps.


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